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Twelve Easy Tips For Decluttering Your Home


Twelve easy tips for decluttering your home

Think about what you look for when you are shopping for a new house.

More closet space, bigger rooms, more counter top space in the kitchen just to name a few.

Buyers coming to see your home want to see that and more.

First, it’s important for buyers to see that the home has plenty of storage space.

Second, when buyers tour an organized, decluttered home it gives the impression that the home is well cared for.

Follow these 12 steps before putting your home on the market.

1. Clear off the kitchen counters.

Take everything off the kitchen counters that you don’t use every day. Also, hide away dish soap and sponges (Buyers don’t want to think about washing dishes. They want to dream about entertaining in your gorgeous kitchen.) Add one pretty decorative item to the kitchen counters and you’re done.

2. Take everything off the fridge.

Personal photos, magnets, and sticky notes all should be cleared away. That includes anything that’s being stored on top of the refrigerator.

3. Start boxing up kitchen items.

Buyers often focus on kitchen cabinet space, so you don’t want cabinets to be packed. To avoid this problem, simply look through your kitchen cabinets and take any item you don’t use on a regular basis and box it up.

4. Recycle old electronics.

If you have antiquated computer and printer, cell phones, and the like in your home office, stop by Best Buy, where they’ll recycle these items for free.

5. Donate

If you have excess furniture or household items that you don’t want,  You can usually find someone who needs these items and will pick them up for free.

6. Look for hazardous waste day.

Most towns periodically have a hazardous waste day when you can bring in old paint, pesticides, medications, and other items that aren’t safe to throw in the trash bin.

7. Clear off the bathroom counters.

Your master bath should feel luxurious to buyers, like a hotel suite. Stow away personal care products under the counter or in a little basket in the closet. This way they’re easily accessible to you but are out of the way when buyers are touring your home.

8. Put away personal photos as well as political and religious items.

Think about having your home look “magazine ready”.  Personal items only serve to distract a buyer. We want them to focus on the beautiful details of your home, not on your family photos. We want them to envision themselves living there.

9. Put away off season  clothes.

Box up clothing, shoes, and accessories to create more space in your closets. Rent a storage space if needed.

10. Organize your master bedroom closet.

Arrange clothing based on type and color, it’s an easy way to make the space look roomy and organized.

11. Purchase new bedding.

New bed covers and pillows create a fresh look for the bedrooms and new clean towels for the bathroom help make a great first impression.

12.Clear out garage and basement.

These two rooms are often overlooked. The garage and basement are catch all rooms and take up valuable storage space. Donate, discard or pack up for the move.


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Sell your Chevy Chase or Bethesda Home

Get Ready, Get Set, Sell Your Home!

Now is the time to get ready.

If you’re considering selling your home in 2014, the time for action is- NOW!

By Tracy Tkac


Why Now? Because buyers are already on the hunt.  


The Internet is the new curb appeal
Last month will likely be remembered for record breaking cold temperatures, polar vortexes, lots of snow, and horrible traffic jams. All the while when home buyers were sitting home inside and trying to stay warm, they were looking at houses for sale on the Internet.

If you’re considering selling, now is the time to sell your Chevy Chase or Bethesda home. If your home is not yet online, then every day you’re missing out on thousands (or even millions) of potential buyers viewing your home.

Even more incentive for buyers
Spring is coming, and that is certainly driving a lot of the interest in homes currently listed for sale. But there are other factors at play.

Mortgage rates have declined over the past month and are currently trending back toward 4% for traditionally structured, well qualified loans. This is a significant development for buyers, as interest rates are a huge driver of home affordability.

For example, a traditional 30 year, $600,00 mortgage at 4.5% would have a monthly payment of $2,700. If rates declined to 4.25%, the payment would change to $2,550.

For borrowers on the edge of qualifying for a mortgage, that $150 per month savings could make the difference between getting a loan approval or not.

For buyers, the time is now!
Buy low and sell high, right? For buyers, the time to buy low is quickly ending, creating a sense of urgency to buy now before prices rise too high or interest rates return to more historically normal levels.

Get ReadyGo!
The spring selling season will be in full swing sooner than you think. Rates are low, there is urgency to buy now, and buyers are already coming out of their winter slumber. If you’re planning to sell you home in 2014, you need to be ready now. Don’t miss out on the perfect, well-qualified buyer because you waited a moment too long and Sell Your Bethesda Home!